Ryan Scott
Junior political science major, Texas Tech

While watching the current protests going on around the country in the name of “Occupy Wall Street,” I feel that many of our fellow Americans have a fundamental lack in understanding of how capitalism works.

Our economy is not driven by so-called “corporate greed,” but rather by individual consumption. Let me explain. Every time you fill up your car with gasoline, buy a latte at Starbucks or download the newest app, you have directly helped to support and sustain somebody’s job.

The so-called “super-rich” do this on a much grander scale. Every time they buy an airplane, hire a housekeeper or purchase a new yacht, they have helped to sustain hundreds of jobs. Not to mention the fact these individuals pay hefty taxes that help support the ever-expanding federal government.

Bill Gates brought us the PC, Steve Jobs brought the iPhone and Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world to Facebook. They brought new products to market that people went crazy for and they rightly got rich from them. The “fat cat” bankers got rich handling their money. Small business owners got rich by catering to their needs. Many of these billionaires have even pledged to give half of their incomes to charity. With that amount of cash, the potential for good in the world is exponential.

The American dream is to risk it all and be successful. Success and wealth are not bad things. After all, I want to be a millionaire someday. Don’t you?



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