The Mendoza Round-Up

Saul Mendoza brings you some info from around the state.

Texas College Republicans Have First Meeting of the Year

This past Saturday, Oct. 24th, 2011, the Texas College Republicans held their first State College Republican Executive Committee meeting at Southern Methodist University. This is the first of four SCREC meetings that the state organization holds to handle state matters within the organization and each one is held at a university of 4 out of the 5 regions. This SCREC was hosted by the North Texas Region of TCR and its Regional Vice Chairman, Zane Cavender. The meeting handled the confirmation of the Vice Chairman, Daniel Sheppard, and the election of a new South Regional Vice Chair, Geoffrey Tahuahua. Amongst the organizations internal matters there were a few speakers in attendance: Representative Kenneth Sheets, HD 107, Representative Rodney Anderson, HD 106, and Wade Emmert, Chairman of the Dallas County GOP. All the speakers stressed the importance of a grassroots campaign with a heavy emphasis on block walking their districts to personally get to know their district. Rep. Anderson emphasized the importance of using tools such as Facebook to help with a campaigns outreach. He gave an example of how Yoly Rodriguez, the West Regional Vice Chair, could find her friends from Dallas on Facebook and have them get in touch with the person seeking election in that districts and vice versa between all of Texas and even the nation.

The next SCREC will be held in the East Region of the Texas College Republicans at the University of Houston on November 12th.

So Who’s Running for What This Year?

We’ve all heard about Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, and Jon Huntsman.  It seems that during this path to 2012 we have focused on the presidential election. How many of the people who joke about Cain’s 9-9-9 pizza deal or who know Michelle Bachmann will mention that she is the only federal tax lawyer in the race, know who is running to be their state representative, state senator, congressman, or senator or even other races at the local level? In Texas we have many candidate’s running for office who have declared officially and unofficially not only for 2012 but even 2014. Voters should start looking into these races as they are almost or just as important as the actual race for the presidency. The US senate races could also be a chance for a Republican gain and possible control of the senate. These other elections cannot go neglected and many should start focusing on them as well because if all our attention is drawn to the presidency we may end up losing many of those races while putting our energy into the race that we are not 100% sure we can win yet. It’s time to roll out the grassroots movement for all the other campaigns, find out who is running for each office in your district and find out which race you can help out the most. Volunteer with a campaign and help make phone calls, block walks, or other small things that can make an impact.



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