Texas Daily Forum: 10/26/11



Capitol Fight Over Public Pensions Previewed Reform is needed if we don’t want to be consumed by these pensions

Occupiers Arrested in Dallas But it was the Tea Partiers who were crazy and angry, right?

Trouble Brewing over Gay Benefits in El Paso


Should the word ‘Sin’ be in our Political Vocabulary

No MSM Bias: Jay Leno goes Easy on Obama

Doubts Rise that Supercomittee can Reach Deal Winning? Yes, no Deal means Automatic Budget Cuts.

Michael Moore Refuses to Admit he is the 1%

Obama is Going to Lose So long as this economy stays as is

Riots Erupt in Atlanta & Oakland Those Tea Partiers have finally done it! Oh…

Cain on Abortion: Let Families Decide So you are still against out-right banning Abortion Mr. Cain?

Other Stories:

American Exceptionalism will Dominate the 21st Century

Tea Party Embodies the Order of a Republic #OWS Embodies the Chaos of a Democracy

Notes on Climate Change Data Go Figure, the temperature changes…

And let us not forget: CERN Finds out that Climate Change is from the Sun, not Man-Made



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