Texas Daily Forum: 11/16/11


Central Texas town to run out of water next month

Six South Plains towns seek to curb arsenic levels in water

F1 track work stops amid dispute

Fredericksburg councilman apologizes over back-tax suit

Glenn Beck decides against Southlake church property



4th Grader Says He Was Sexually Assaulted by Students Hell in a Hand Basket

Australia agrees US Marine deployment plan

U.S. reserves right to meet cyber attack with force

Post office near default? Losses mount to $5.1B

OWS Protester: In a Few Days You’re Going to See What a Molotov Cocktail Can Do to Macy’s

Gallup: Americans still want ObamaCare repealed

Housing ‘Historian’ Newt Gingrich Was Paid $1.6M By Freddie Mac Wow.



Lawsuit: LaBelle threw water at tot in NYC lobby

Trejo Turned His Life Around After Prison Chat With God

What Reagan Did for Hollywood






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